Hardcopy Book conversion to an eBook

We can convert your hard copy book into a digital facsimile (or very close to it). The hardcopy book is first converted into the proprietary OMG format. It will then be exported into an EPUB 3.0 and/or KF8 eBooks. At the end of the project,  you will receive the original OMG document and the exported files of your choosing.

If you wish a quote for converting you hardcopy book into and eBook contact us with an email describing briefly your project. You can contact us through our “Contact us” page.

The following is a list of items that will expedite the conversion process:

1 – Plain text files or documents wherein plain text retrieval is easy, e.g. Microsoft word

2 – Image files if available.

3 – Fonts used and font files if available

4 – The original hard copy of your book or publication.

PDF document conversion to an OMG format document

We can also convert PDF documents containing text, graphic elements and images into an OMG file. This document can then be exported as into an EPUB 3.0 and/or a KF8 document.

Please contact us through the “Contact Us” page for more details.