The Omegadoc family of software applications for electronic publishing is based on a common software framework. Electronic documents produced by Omegadoc Designer is in the proprietary OMG format.

Omegadoc Designer

Omegadoc Designer is the most versatile of all of its siblings. The user has the freedom to change all aspects of a document that he/she is working on. This includes the precise text placement and font selection of text elements and full control over the appearance of the rest of the graphical elements and images within a document. The designer is also able to define security features of all text and graphical elements that control how the other, more restricted, applications within the Omegadoc family interact with the document.

Electronic documents produced with Omegadoc designer can be exported as an EPUB 3.0 or as a Kindle format 8 (KF8) eBook.

Omegadoc Reader

This application gives the end user a read-only access to an Omegadoc document designed and constructed using Omegadoc Designer in their native OMG format. There is no need to export the document to EPUB 3.0 or KF8. All non-altering functionality of Omegadoc Designer will not be available in Omegadoc Reader. This application is not available at this time but is planned for a future release.

Omegadoc Filler

This Omegadoc application is very similar to Omegadoc Reader but with the added ability of an end user to edit certain fields that are specifically designated by the original document designer. For instance, in an application form, the end user is not allowed to alter the field: “First and Last Names”, but will be allowed to enter their first and last names in the field adjacent to it. These security features are controlled by the Omegadoc security framework. It gives the designer of an Omegadoc document the ability to specify whether a text field is read-only or read-write by the end user of the document.This application is not available at this time but is planned for a future release.