Welcome to Omegadoc

We are a company specializing in digital publishing.  Our main product, Omegadoc Designer is a software application for designing, constructing and publishing page-based, fixed-layout electronic publications. This includes but is not limited to: eBooks, eForms, eBrochures, etc.

Omegadoc designer is particularly suited for eBooks where the precise placement of text, graphics and images is important. Examples of fixed-layout publications: cookbooks, digital scrapbooks, children’s books, textbooks, digital photo albums, magazines, etc …

The native format of Omegadoc documents is in the proprietary OMG file format. This format is derived from the industry standard technologies: HTML5, CSS, and SVG. These documents will therefore be easily exported as either an EPUB 3.0 (IDPF.org) or an Amazon’s KF8 eBook.

KF8 exported documents are supported by Amazon’s Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets.

EPUB 3.0 is supported by a wide variety of ebook-readers, tablets and software applications.  In particular, EPUB 3.0 is supported by Apple’s IOS based devices like the ipad’s and iphones and Apple computers and macbooks running macOS. EPUB is also supported by a number of apps available on Android based devices.

Omegadoc Designer was used in-house to produce several eBooks. These ebooks are available on Amazon.com published in the KF8 format, and on Apple’s iBooks published as an EPUB 3.0.

Click on eBooks tab for a list of books available on Amazon.com and Apple.com.